Quality Eyewear - Professional Service

Free Hearing Testing, (and without any obligation).

We are committed to helping you choose the right hearing solution for your lifestyle at a price you can afford. This commitment is coupled with the most comprehensive aftercare package available.

We have access to the latest technology from all leading manufacturers, and the latest technology is all we provide.

Our Audiologist Nick Rose RHAD MSHAA has over 15 years experience in delivering high quality hearing care.

“My mum and I both went to Ann Gill.The service was outstanding. The staff are so kind.”

Alayne W – Google Reviews

Full Hearing Assessment

We offer a full hearing assessment which we believe to be the most comprehensive available. This includes:

  • Video otoscopy where your ear canal and ear drum are inspected through a high definition camera
  • Tympanometry which assesses the efficiency of the ear drum and health of the middle ear
  • Puretone audiometry
  • AB word tests
  • Quick sin

A wide range of hearing solutions

We supply the very latest technology from each manufacturer.  You need never worry that you could have bought something more up to date.

All our hearing aids include our comprehensive aftercare package which provides:

  • Aftercare for the life of the hearing aid
  • 6 monthly check ups
  • Unlimited adjustments
  • Annual retests
  • Free wax removal whilst your aids are in warranty