Even though our eyes are effectively fully developed by the age of seven, our teenage years are full of new experiences and firsts that place unique demands on our vision. Activities like drinking and smoking are known to be harmful, but there are plenty of other challenges for our eyes throughout these years of physical and emotional development.

Secondary school and further education involve large amounts of study, and short-sightedness may develop or become more noticeable during a person’s teens.

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A crucial challenge for many teenagers involves learning to drive, where attributes like peripheral vision suddenly come into their own. Although regular eye tests are vital at any age, it’s essential to ensure you have good overall vision before getting behind the wheel. Being able to read a number plate from 67 feet away is nowhere near as comprehensive as a professional eye examination but it does reassure driving examiners that you can see clearly!

Teenagers are also at particularly high risk of sporting-related eye injuries, so shatter proof sunglasses and swimming goggles are invaluable additions to their wardrobe.