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We make choosing the right Contact Lenses easy.

Many people now prefer contact lenses to wearing glasses. The technology behind contact lenses is continually improving, and contact lenses are now a viable alternative to glasses for a many more people. But the choice of lens types can be bewildering.
  • Soft contact lenses or Rigid contact lenses
  • Extended wear lenses or Disposable contact lenses
  • Gas Permeable (GP) contact lenses
  • Semi-scleral contact lenses
  • Multifocal contact lenses
  • Tinted cosmetic lenses
  • Standard or toric contact lenses

“If you want to be treated like a human, by people who care more about you and your eyes than anything else, I would recommend Anne Gill Eyecare. From the wonderful front of house \ reception \ admin \ completer team, the optometrist(s), through to Anne herself, this opticians practice is excellent. You deserve good value, best care for your eyes – do it!”

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Choosing the right type of lenses is too important to be rushed.

That’s why we always give a 45 minute initial consultation so that there is plenty time to discuss your needs and explain your options.

To assess whether contact lenses are a viable option for you, we need to consider a number of factors including

  • Your prescription (short sighted, long sighted, presbyopic)
  • Your job
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your personal preferences
  • Your budget
Expert Contact Lens Advice

We have a fully qualified Contact Lens Practitioner on our team as well as having close links with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS trust, helping run the trust’s contact lens outpatient clinic from our practice.  We are qualified to handle even the most complex contact lens requirements including lenses for keratoconus, post graft, post-surgical and corneal scars.

We supply lenses from all contact lens manufacturers.

Unlike many high street chains, we are not tied in to one contact lens supplier. We offer the widest choice so that you get the most appropriate outcome.
Spread the cost by becoming an eyeplan™ member.
At Anne Gill Eyecare, we offer a comprehensive range of contact lenses. You can either purchase them as you use them or join our monthly scheme.
We offer regular contact lens appointments to check how your lenses are performing. These checks are free when you are on our monthly scheme.
For more details on our range of contact lenses, feel free to drop in or contact us.


Ortho-K, (or orthokeratology to give it its full name), harnesses the discovery that specially shaped hard lenses can, when worn overnight, gently reshape the front part of the eye, correcting short sightedness without the need for daytime use. This effect lasts all day but you should remember that, if the overnight use of these lenses is discontinued, the eye will eventually revert to its previous shape and the short-sightedness will return.

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