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What would you say …

… if you were one of our patients?

We ask all our patients what they think of the eyecare service we provide and the products we offer.
Here is a selection of what they (confidentially) say:
Such a pleasant service

“I have been a wearer of spectacles since I was about 13. In that time I have had many pairs of glasses and had my eyes tested by many opticians. But never have I had such a pleasant service as I had recently from those at Anne Gill Eye Care. I don’t doubt that knowing Anne in the first place helped but the warmth of welcome by the rest of her staff was a big part. Especially her optician. In the past the opticians have just got on with the job, some having dodgy breath which didn’t help when they were doing close up examinations of your eyes with those bright light things. Anne’s optician is friendly, informative, empathic, which is something I have never experienced before from an optician. I felt genuine care from her. Anne was also very helpful when I was choosing new frames. She didn’t try to sell me the most expensive plus she also gave great advice on styles that suited me. An area I have made great mistakes in in past years. I can honestly say that Anne’s quality of service is second to none and would recommend her to anyone needing an eye test. ”


Chronic dry eye condition

“Dear Anne, I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the improvements you have made to my chronic dry eye condition. I have suffered with dry eyes for over twenty years and the problem has worsened considerably in the last five, causing me to wake up in discomfort several time a night. I went to Anne Gill Eyecare having seen an article in the Portsmouth news. I was immediately impressed with the methodical and scientific approach which they adopted, and after some research, they put me on a programme which has produced a remarkable improvement to my condition. I appreciate that there is currently no cure for this condition and Anne Gill Eyecare was honest enough to ensure I was under no illusions, but the result of my treatment after two months has definitely exceeded my expectations. I now sleep with no discomfort and my whole condition is far more manageable. In the early stages, I was even phoned on a Saturday by the practitioner, who had been thoroughly researching some anomalies in my condition, to discuss further initiatives. I cannot thank Anne Gill Eyecare enough for the improvements to my quality of life.”

Kind regards,
Rick Kempster

A Note from a Satisfied Patient

“Dear Mrs Gill,

Just a few lines to say a big Thank You to you and your staff for making my visit to your establishment on 12th July, for an assessment of magnifiers that could help me, such a pleasant and helpful experience. I’ve now received all the items I chose and I’m sure they will be of great benefit to me in my everyday life. Thank you for your time and patience. I really appreciated your kindness and expertise”.

PR Portsmouth

Professional experience

“After years of frustration with so called high street ‘opticians’ I looked online and discovered Anne Gill Eyecare of Portsmouth. My visit there was a professional experience, the end result being an excellent pair of spectacles. I can recommend them highly”.

DD Fareham

Fabulous service

“Anne, I want to thank you and your team for the fabulous service I have experienced with my eye care. I was so grateful for the friendly and truly personalised service you guys offered to me. You are all so warm in manner and thoughtful. I was impressed by the thorough tests and examinations, and also the way in which you made me feel relaxed. I really appreciated the cuppa and wonderful hand made chocolate! When I left with my bag of goodies, and at last a pair of excellent glasses, I felt like the Queen! Thank you all so much. You are truly professional and so very ‘right on’.

Sylvia 🙂

Treatment for dry eyes

“For the past 2 years I have been having treatment for my dry eyes. I have used the drops and eye bag as prescribed and in the last 3 months the improvement in my dry eye has been amazing. I only have problems on cold and windy days and recommend this treatment to anyone with dry eye. It is well worth the time and perseverance that it takes and the results are worthwhile.”

Valerie Hutty

Full eye examination

“My eye test was thorough and unhurried. The optician explained her findings as she went along, answered all my questions, and told me how my eyes were likely to change in future. When I chose my new frames and lenses, nothing was too much trouble and, again, all my questions were answered, no fudging! My new glasses both look good and are a delight to see out of.”


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