Dry Eye

Dry, watery, irritable eyes?

Dry, irritated, painful eyes are easily treatable.

Do you suffer from dry, watery irritable eyes?  By analysing your tears with TearLab™, we can quickly determine the likely cause of your problem, and then solve it.  We were the first opticians in Hampshire to have invested in ‘Tear Lab, a revolutionary system which measures the ‘osmolarity’ (composition) of human tears to aid the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Disease.  We can give you an accurate diagnosis in minutes and provide the appropriate treatment plan to manage your symptoms.

Tear Lab

People suffering from dry, irritable or watery eyes are now being given the opportunity to identify the cause through the examination of their tears. Anne Gill Eyecare was the first opticians in Hampshire to have invested in ‘Tear Lab’, which measures the ‘osmolarity’ (or content) of human tears to aid the diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease.

Dry Eye is the most common eye problem out there, but it usually goes undiagnosed when people put it down to tiredness or stress. There are few things more distressing than the constant discomfort of itchy, sore or painful eyes and Anne Gill Eyecare are in a unique position to help manage it.

When some people begin a treatment for Dry Eye, it can initially cause increased discomfort as the nerve endings in the eye come back to life, so the patient assumes it isn’t working and gives up. With TearLab, we can monitor and show the patient that the eye is getting better and this gives them the strength to persevere.

The technology has been fully tested, trialed and is now being led by Anne and her lead optometrists.

What is Dry Eye Disease?

Many people visit their optician because of the symptoms of dry eye, but it is still one of the most commonly underdiagnosed eye conditions. The reason for this is that Dry Eye is often mistaken for external causes such as allergies, climate conditions or just “eyestrain”.

Dry eye actually occurs when your eyes don’t produce the right quality or quantity of tears.

How do I know if I have dry eye?

Stinging, burning, scratchy sensations
Sensitivity to light
Excessive watering
Tired eyes
Difficulty wearing contact lenses
Blurred vision
Irritation from eyes and smoke

How is Dry Eye Disease treated?

Depending on the results of your examination there is a range of treatment options including

  • Heatable eye bag
  • Eye drops and cleansers (we have a range to choose from depending on your TearLab™ results)
  • Follow up call after two weeks to check how you are getting on

A follow up visit after six weeks

How is it diagnosed?

Our comprehensive dry eye assessment involves a relaxed 45 minute private consultation and includes

  • Discussion of your symptoms
  • Analysis of the content of your tears using TearLab™ technology
  • Infra –red digital imaging of the glands in your eyelids
  • Tests to exclude any surface damage to your eye
  • Full explanation of the results
How much does it cost?

Our specialist dry eye initial consultation costs just £60, but you can get it for just £25 if you are an eyeplan™ member.

Fantastic service felt very reassured after eye test Anne Gill was recommended to me by my husband who stated he had the best eye test ever.

Marilyn W – Google Review