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Your Eye Examination Explained

Every sight test is tailor-made depending on your needs.

As well as an eye health check, a sight test might detect signs of underlying general health conditions, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Everone should have a sight test every two years, or more often if your optometrist recommends it.

The following are some important checks which form part of a normal sight test.

Eyesight Test

The optometrist will check what you can see – close up and in the distance – usually using special charts of symbols and letters. This may be with or without your glasses. They will then work out whether you need glasses or a change in prescription with a series of tests using different lenses. This will also involve simple questions and you should try to answer these as accurately and honestly as you can. There are no right or wrong answers, so don’t worry. For those who are unable to answer these questions, there are other ways of working out a glasses prescription. This is particularly useful for young children or those with learning difficulties or special educational needs.

The optometrist will also carry out tests on your eye muscles to check how your eyes are working together.

History and Symptoms

The optometrist will ask detailed questions about your eyesight, lifestyle, health and any previous eye problems you or your family may have had. You should bring a list of any medication you take, along with your glasses if you use them, or a previous glasses prescription.

Eye Health Check

Sometimes it may be necessary to check your peripheral (or side) vision using a special instrument. This tests for certain conditions of the eyes or the visual parts of your brain.

You may also need an eye-pressure test, which is one of the procedures used to detect glaucoma.

OCT Scan

You may also like to book an OCT Scan as part of your eye examination. This will allow the optometrist to detect any early changes in your eyes, long before there are any obvious symptoms of potential eye problems. This allows for early treatment, and ultimately, better results.

Childrens Eye Examinations

Do you know how good your child’s eyesight is? Getting your child’s eyes tested is very important.

Dry Eye Clinic

Do you suffer from dry, watery irritable eyes?  By analysing your tears with TearLab™, we can quickly determine the likely cause of your problem, and then solve it.