After receiving praise for successfully improving the lives of patients losing their sight, local opticians, Anne Gill Eyecare, is proud to be hosting ‘Low Vision Aid Days’ on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June offering free examinations and advice to those who need help in maintaining their independence.

Portsmouth’s leading independent opticians, Anne Gill Eyecare in London Road, North End, is proud to be opening its doors for free consultations and support to anyone worried about the loss of their own sight or that of loved ones.

Working in partnership with Associated Optical, the UK partner for one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of magnification and visual aid devices, Eschenbach in Germany, Anne Gill Eyecare will be offering free consultations, examinations and demonstrations of the latest equipment available to those coping with sight loss.

‘We are delighted that Ian Hughes, our Area Manager from Associated Optical, has agreed to come to Portsmouth and devote two days to showcasing magnifiers, glasses and explaining about lighting to those interested or in need,’ says Anne. ‘He has been such a help with a number of our patients, so to have him available for personal discussions and to answer any questions is simply fantastic.’

One of Anne’s patients is 73 year old Vera Henning who, having been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, had given up reading, sewing and even watching television. After a thorough examination and assessment, Anne gave Vera a personal magnifying aid covered by Portsmouth CCG, arranged a one-on-one meeting with Ian and organised binocular glasses, tailored to her sight, and a special lamp to improve her lighting at home.

‘My life has completely changed,’ says Vera. ‘I have been able to finish the three books I started before I found reading too difficult,  sew the hem of my favourite trousers, read and pay my bills, and my family have told me how much happier I am.’

‘I wish everyone in my situation had such good fortune, because you just don’t know all the help that is out there.  My message for people in Portsmouth who are worried about their sight is to go to one of these days and find out what is available.’

For more information on Anne Gill Eyecare’s Low Vision Aid Days, or to book an appointment,  call 023 9269 4442, visit or visit 226, London Road, North End, Portsmouth PO2 9JQ

Photo: Ian Hughes, Area Manager for Associated Optical, with Anne Gill, Owner of Anne Gill Eyecare